Friday, December 28, 2012

Scottish recipes - The Most Popular 2012

Hi Tartan Tasters,

It has been a lovely year of great food sharing and new things on this little Scottish Blog of mine

I want to thank you all for hanging out and loving the recipes and even trying some things you have never tried before

I am so honoured

Do you know it is nearly my "Blogiversary" too?

I started this Blog in January just this past year

Where has the time gone?

2012 really has flown by fast

So to recap on the last 12 months, here are my most popular posts of 2012

Feb 2012 Sausage Rolls

April 2012 Empire Biscuits

 June 2012 Chocolate Tiffin

July 2012 Tattie Fritters

August 2012 Profiteroles

Nov 2012 Puff Candy

Thanks for hanging with me the this past year and I hope you stay around for more recipes in the coming year

Wealth, health and happiness to you all

Lang may your lum reek

Happy New Year to all the Tartan Tasters


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  1. It's been a tasty year! Can't wait to see what this year brings...


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