Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project 365 A photo a day - Weekly update (wk15)

Oh my goodness, another full on week this week and we have reached day 100 !!

Just when I thought this week was going to be my catch up week and my back to normal week, I was proved wrong

It has been busy and fast and sometimes but thankfully I'm ok with that as that's just how I roll

So here is my photo a day, From Where I Stand, or a week in feet


 Day 96/365 - The Hubs and I catching up on our shows on dvr. The Walking Dead is our favourtie right now

 Day 97/365 - Back to painting furniture for a customer today, another happy place of mine for sure

 Day 98/365 - My boy complained of ear pain and so a trip to the Dr. to see whats going on, and sure enough an ear infection of the juicy kind (as his Doctor put it)

 Day 99/365 - Field trip visit to the Houston Zoo today, I was a chaperon, here are my two charges

 Day 100/365 - Getting ready for an 80s karaoke night with my Jazzercise friends, what a fun girl's night out it was - I won a prize for "best dressed" go me !

 Day 101/365 - Chillin' at the bus stop waiting on my boy coming home on a wonderful Friday afternoon

Day 102/365 - It's nice to look at this sign I have on my desk and chill a little.... especially after such a busy week of errands and crazy days and running around and getting my Hubby ready for his bike ride this morning (he is cycling from Houston to Austin for MS)

I keep saying this, but I promise more cooking is coming your way very soon

Love to all my Tartan Tasters out there

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